Please note the date change!

On August 12th, help us celebrate Jessie Claudio‘s words of wisdom in the newest issue of Vida Saludable Magazine with our friends at The Haven!


The Haven, The Ladybug Gallery, Vida Saludable Magazine, and the Youth Leadership Initiative are hosting this brunch celebration at The Haven in the illustrious Ladybug Gallery.


The Late, Light Brunch will be at The Haven (206 G.E. Patterson, Memphis, TN 38103) on Saturday, August 12th from 11:00a-12:00p.


For more information, contact The Haven.


Jessie’s article, Rompiendo El Estigma (Breaking the Stigma), talks about the facts, the myths, the misinformation, and the stigma surrounding HIV in the Latinx community in Memphis.

“La realidad es que el VIH no discrimina, no se fija en el color de tu piel, ni en tu edad, ni en tu orientation sexual.”

“The reality is that HIV does not discriminate, does not look at the color of your skin, or your age, or your sexual orientation.”

Read the full article here. And if you want more, here’s a link to the full issue.