OUTMemphis, in partnership with Rhodes College, is proud to announce the debut of the LGBTQ Mid-South Digital History Archive.

The archive is an online home for full sets of seven LGBTQ magazines and newspapers written by and for LGBTQ people in the Mid-South. The earliest issue goes back to 1969! The archive will be up and searchable in OUTMemphis during the Cooper Young Festival from 1:00p-4:00p. Come by and check it out!

Can’t make it to the festival? Click here to explore the archive now.

The digital archive is one part of a comprehensive effort to preserve LGBTQ local history. Another part of that effort is the ongoing collection of oral histories from our aging LGBTQ community leaders. Click here to take a peek at some of the oral histories collected for the project so far.

Have you visited the LGBTQ Mid-South History Timeline yet? Click here to take a look at images, articles, audio, and video samples from the archive on our online timeline.

This project would not be possible without the support of the Rhodes College History Department, the Rhodes College library, and center historian Vincent Astor.