Sexual Health

Free HIV/STI Testing

OUTMemphis provides free HIV testing and safer sex education on two evenings each week.

No appointment necessary. For more information, please contact:

Martavius Hampton at 901-278-6422 or

Rapid HIV test:

  • Tests performed every Monday and Wednesday night from 6:00-9:00 pm.
  • Takes about 20 minutes to provide results
  • Consists of a painless oral swab (no blood!)
  • Comes with a short HIV prevention counseling session
  • Trained professionals are on hand to answer related sexual health questions.
  • Free condoms, lube, dental dams, and other sexual health materials available.


Synapse Project

The Memphis Synapse Program was developed to engage, educate, and connect same-gender loving (SGL) men and transgender women of color, particularly their underground/niche social networks to HIV prevention and care services. Underground/niche social networks may involve: gay/drag families (families of choice), J-set teams (SGL dance squads), SGL non-Greek alphabet organizations, and others. The effort of this program was initially inspired by former U of M researchers, Sharon Horne and Heidi Levitt, who have collaborated on this research with Mr. Hampton since 2011; as a result, two research articles were published in the Journal of Sex Research and Journal of GLBT Families


Attend parties and community events of the underground/niche social networks community; education and/or sexual health resources may be available at these functions


  • Distribute at-home HIV test kits at the center and community events
  • Link people to sexual health resources (condoms, HIV testing, PrEP) and HIV care for those who are newly diagnosed Organize focus groups
  • Create PSAs involving SGL men and transgender women of color from various underground/niche social networks of color to increase the following: HIV testing numbers, PrEP education/access, linkage to HIV care, and overall presence of people at the center.