Are you an OUTMemphis volunteer? Have you thought about working with PRYSM, GenQ, the Metamorphosis Project? Are you interested in working with teens and/or young adults?

Join us for Volunteering with Youth, where we will talk about:

  • Volunteer opportunities at OUTMemphis with youth
  • How to sign up to be a PRYSM facilitator
  • Ways to support the Metamorphosis Project as a volunteer
  • Dos and Don’ts when interacting with teens and young adults at OUTMemphis

To learn more or RSVP for the Volunteering with Youth workshop, please contact Elokin CaPece.

If you are 18-25, GenQ is looking for you! GenQ is an LGBTQ youth group that meets on Friday nights at the center. We are looking for new facilitators to plan activities and lead discussions with the group. To learn more about volunteering with GenQ, please contact Stephanie Reyes.

Want to get started as a volunteer at OUTMemphis? Click here to get started.