Help OUTMemphis upgrade the center’s tech to better meet the growing needs of the community!

Every year the number of people working with, volunteering at, and benefiting from the work OUTMemphis does grows exponentially. A series of technical upgrades will help OUTMemphis continue to meet the needs of LGBTQ community members while transforming Memphis and the Mid-South into a place where all LGBTQ people, regardless of age, race, and gender, can live and thrive.


When finished, visitors to the center will be able to check in quickly and easily, read more about upcoming events in English and Spanish, reach individual staff members and leave confidential voicemail messages, enjoy faster internet on their own electronic devices, and more. Staff will be able to more easily promote upcoming events and new services via the digital front desk display, to use the guest check in system to ensure the center is serving an LGBTQ community as diverse as the city, and to connect to community members more securely with individual, confidential voicemail.

The most exciting part: The Community Foundation is ready to match your donations! OUTMemphis has secured a challenge grant in the amount of $7,150! When we raise the match, we’ll get the grant. Click here to help us raise the match.

Learn more about the project and make a donation here.